What the Professionals say

  • "The word 'persimmon' is iconic, but the golf world has been led to believe that wooden heads cannot compete with technology-led metals. I can tell you this is simply not the case! Fitted with the modern shaft, Persimmon Golf's drivers are competitive off the tee, whilst the shape and dynamics of the fairway woods cut through the rough better than any metal equivalent or rescue club. So not only do they provide more distance, they also increase the accuracy of your shots from a suspect lie. No contest!" Michael Moore, Tour Professional.
  • "The look, feel and performance of Persimmon Golf's T-Classic driver and V-Classic fairway woods are exceptional. They allow me to shape the ball in a way that is impossible with metal drivers and fairway woods. These are definitely my golf clubs of choice." Marc Amort, Marc Amort Golf Academy.
  • "After years of using 'modern technology' it was refreshing to be hitting your persimmon headed woods, and discovering there is no loss of performance in overall shot result. I found the fairway woods most impressive, as I could work the ball and still obtain the distances I require. I would recommend to anyone!" Greg Smith, Head Professional.
  • "Persimmon Golf's woods are timeless. Striking these clubs from the centre, they perform just as well as today's fairway woods with the added advantage of the V-shaped sole which cuts through tough lies so much better than today's equivalent. When coaching with EGO, our clients are always surprised at just how easy it is to strike the ball as well as with the latest metal woods and how much more explosive they are from the rough,. Combining the performance with the classy, traditional look is like driving a Rolls Royce with a Ferrari engine." Nick Pateman, Elite Golf Organisation.
  • "I have been making clubs and custom fitting for leading tour pro's over 3 decades, and have seen all types of technology and trends come and go, yet persimmon is permanent. I really enjoy working with your persimmon clubs, and players are amazed when I demonstrate the results on my launch monitor against the latest metal headed woods. I have seen a large increase in golfers appreciating the many benefits that your great clubs bring to their game." Kevin Redfern, Master Clubmaker.
  • "OK I love this Persimmon Golf 3 wood - it arrived today! Waited until par 5 sixth to hit her........par 5 only 500 yards. #3 wood struck perfectly off tee, middle fairway, followed by another off the deck to 15 feet....two putts birdie. I hit it twice more and so far I have hit four sensational shots...what a lovely thing... goes a mile too!!! Well 250 yards, which is ample. So happy." Andrew Crockett, Author 'Bump & Run'.

Plus numerous brilliant customer responses. The latest:

  • Purchased a fairway-wood #4.

    Looks really good, was delivered at the announced date and requested time. Tried it, straight as an arrow, good feel, and longer in distance than a metal 3 wood (from top maker). Ball travels quite high and seems to have additional bounce when landing on the fairways.  Can't wait to show it to my golf partners. D. Degros. England

  • You sent me a club a few weeks ago over to Christchurch, New Zealand. I just wanted to let you know that I am unbelievably delighted with it.... it feels like a proper golf club. The club pro was laughing at first until he realised how good it feels. I have hardly missed a fairway with it. Thanks again, very happy. Danny, New Zealand
  • My feedback concerning my last order (T-Classic driver) - simply fantastic!!! No vibration, great control and distance. I've proceeded with an order for two fairway woods. PS- After the tee-shot with my new T-Classic, the player following said 'Wow, double wow - is it a persimmon driver? I can't believe it!!!' Great satisfaction!!  Luca, Monza.

  • ich habe jetzt ein paar Mal gespielt und bin total begeistert. So eine Lange habe ich mit meinen anderen Schlagern, einschlieblich Driver, nie erreicht.

    - I have played a couple of times now with my new persimmons and I am totally enthusiastic about them. I have never reached such a length with my metal clubs including the driver.  Eva Hauke, Germany. 

  • I am loving my Persimmons. I am hitting more fairways and I can really work the ball. I feel like a magician! Thank you, I am chuffed, seriously chuffed. Brent. New Zealand